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By Brian Jacques

In his acclaimed and cherished Redwall sequence, New York occasions bestselling writer Brian Jaques "shows no symptoms of letting up or slowing down the action." (VOYA) stopover at the mild critters of Mossflower wooden with The Rogue Crew...

In which the courageous hares of the lengthy Patrol workforce up with the fearless sea otters of the Rogue staff to protect Redwall Abbey from the fear of either land and sea—the pirate Razzid Wearat…

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No, don’t! I’ll inform ye all ye wishes ter understand, on me affydavit i'm going to! ” Dandy nodded. “Oh, i believe this un’ll sing simply tremendous with out me havin’ to soiled an excellent blade on his disguise, missy. ” The Guosim Log a Log’s eyes twinkled as he whispered to Posy, “Away with ye, bloodthirsty liddle snip! ” He grew to become his recognition again to the ferret. “Now, me snot-nosed ole vermin, let us know yore tale. ” Voogal was once quite simply blurting out the identify of his send and captain whilst Dandy held up a paw. “I already understand all that from younger Posy an’ Uggo. So inform me, why have been ye ordered to seek ’em down? ” The ferret responded swiftly. “’Cos the only referred to as Uggo comes from a spot named Redwall, an’ my cap’n desires ter discover the place ’tis. ” The shrew Chieftain glared sternly at Uggo. “Why didn’t ye inform me this? ” Uggo shrugged. “Er, didn’t have time to. . . . We have been tired’n’hungry whilst Rekaby introduced us right here. I forgot. ” Dandy shook his head in disbelief. “Razzid the Wearat has a shipload of vermin murderers aboard of a vessel which can go back and forth land or water, an’ he desires t’go to Redwall Abbey. What for, d’ye feel? To take tea wid Abbot Thibb, eh? ” All Uggo may do was once to murmur lamely, “Wasn’t my fault, all I did was once omit. Sorry. ” Dandy struck his clogs on a stone, sending sparks flying. “Sorry! Is that each one ye’ve acquired t’say, sorry? Rawkin, Dobble, Banktail! prepared the logboats! Guosim, holiday camp an’ send yore apparatus. We’re leavin’ now! ” The fats Guosim known as Banktail scratched his ear in bewilderment. “Now, leader? ” Dandy roared on the hapless shrew, “Aye, now! We’ve obtained t’get to Redwall afore the Wearat an’ his vermin do. We obtained to warn ’em there’s goin’ t’be an assault, so come on, shift yore fats tail! ” Dandy driven prior Uggo, berating him coldly, “An’ you, make yoreself valuable an’ lend a paw. yet if’n ye can’t do this, then remain out of me manner! ” Feeling thoroughly overwhelmed, Uggo hung his head, watching the floor. outdated Rekaby patted his again. “Don’t worry, younger un, all of us make blunders. Dandy’ll be in a greater temper as soon as the logboats are at the circulate. Us lucky Freepaws won’t be goin’ with ye. We’ve bought t’join the remainder of our tribe. It’s been strong meetin’ ye an’ you, too, Posy. success choose ye, buddies! ” Posy hugged the traditional silver squirrel. “Thanks for every thing, Rekaby. You’re a type creature. ” unexpectedly, younger Swiffo additionally embraced Rekaby. “Aye, yore one o’ the easiest I ever travelled with. I’ll omit ye, too, ole silvertail! ” Rekaby in simple terms smiled ruefully on the sea otter. “So you’re off, too, ye younger ripscarum. I puzzled how lengthy ’twould be afore ye grew bored with our peaceful methods. ” Swiffo grinned roguishly. “I’ve received t’go with Posy an’ Uggo, ’cos I’d hate to overlook out on an experience an’ mayhaps a slice of motion. Ahoy, Dandy, acquired room for an additional one? ” The Guosim Chieftain laughed. “Hop aboard, I wouldn’t refuse a son o’ Skor Axehound! ” They boarded the logboats, which Guosim paddlers instructed skilfully out into midstream. Rekaby and his fans waved them off from the financial institution. “Safe trip, wish ye make it to Redwall in time!

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