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By Brian Jacques

Now an lively sequence on public television!

In which the potent badger warrior Lord Brocktreewith the aid of the lively younger haremaid Dottimust reclaim the mountain land of Salamandastron from the military of a villainous wildcat…

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No, Gurth, ’tis simply reasonable hare demanding situations a hare. inform me, Fleetscut, what's the subsequent clue to this king’s whereabouts? Is there whatever exact we needs to look for? ’ The previous hare repeated the strains he had dedicated to reminiscence. ‘Discover then a streamwolf’s ford, Tug 3 times upon the royal wire, Then my honour protect will convey, unswerving matters to their king! ’ Brocktree tossed a number of logs into the oven fireplace. ‘We’ve already came upon the streamwolf’s ford. Let’s get a few sleep now. day after today we’ve received a royal appointment, what d’you say, Ruff? ’ ‘Haharr, royal me rudder. If’n that ’un’s a king I’m a h’emperor of h’otters, associates! ’ Dotti lay unsleeping for some time, brooding about why the badger had stared at her so pointedly whilst he stated a hare’s basically being challenged via one other hare. yet she didn't reside on it overlong. in advance of sleep claimed Jukka, she heard the younger haremaid mutter aloud to herself: ‘Ahem, all these of my matters nonetheless unsleeping, have in mind this proclamation. Queen Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy is set to take her deadly good looks sleep, so placed a clap in your jolly previous traps, wot wot? ’ The shrew Kubba wandered again into camp because the cooking fires have been being rekindled subsequent morning. He saluted Log a Log Grenn with a flourish of his rapier. ‘Got up an hour afore sunrise, marm, scoured the financial institution via the ford an’ discovered wot yore lookin’ for! ’ ‘Jolly good of you, previous beast,’ Fleetscut known as again from his position at the breakfast line. ‘You suggest y’found the royal wotsamacallit? the place used to be it? ’ Kubba sheathed his rapier. “Tain’t a lot, mate, only a colossal thick pink wire, ’angin’ from a whoppin’ nice ’ornbeam. I’ll take ye there after brekkist. flow me log, I’m starvin’! ’ Brocktree stepped out and shook Kubba’s paw. ‘Take my position on the entrance of the road. good performed, sir! ’ An hour later, their starvation sated by way of cheese and oatmeal muffins, the remainder cranberry brownies and a few reliable Guosim cider, everybeast adjourned to the ford financial institution. Kubba mentioned the hornbeam tree, round the leeside of which hung a pink tasselled rope, its size going off, up amid the foliage. ‘That’s the single, even though I ain’t tugged at the rope but. ’ Brocktree played an exaggerated bow to Dotti. ‘Would ye pray do the honours, milady? ’ The haremaid curtsied prettily and fluttered her eyelids. ‘Why, thankee, m’lud. Methinks I’ll provide it a jolly previous tug as soon as or three times, providin’ the blinkin’ tree don’t fall on me bonce, wot wot! ’ Dotti took company carry of the twine and gave it 3 hefty tugs. the skinny boughs within the hornbeam crown shook, dislodging a colony of jackdaws. Flapping angrily into the air they set a din of harsh cries ringing into the quiet woodlands. Baron Drucco watched the birds settle again directly to the tree. ‘Haw haw haw! You’d imagine ’e may possibly have the funds for right bells if’n ’e’s meant t’be a king like ’e sez ’e is. Wot will we do now? Shall I supply the rope a couple of extra tugs? ’ once more, he was once no longer quickly sufficient to flee Mirklewort’s hatchet. She clipped certainly one of his headspikes and driven him down on his backside, in order that he used to be sitting opposed to the hornbeam base.

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