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By Tristan Jones

Invoice Conan, a middle-aged adventurer, has entered a 30,000 mile solo race all over the world within the sloop Josephine, seeing it as his final likelihood to win prestige and good fortune. Risking the final word try out of ability, energy and patience, Conan will persist with his path around the sizeable expanse of the treacherous Atlantic, towards the single catastrophe a seaman such a lot dreads. Overboard and by myself at the open sea, his fight may have just one end...

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Issues, principles, happened to him in his sleep. for instance, in this first complete relaxation it happened to him, whereas he used to be subconscious, that he needs to take his diet pills, particularly diet C, each day, and a marginally of garlic with all his major food to aid his digestion and hold the scurvy away. via his brain ran pictures of the entire “fresh” meals he had on board—potatoes, onions, carrots, apples, tomatoes, bananas—and he decided, nonetheless dozing, to consume via them ahead of the elements turned too hot and he misplaced them. He had different meals that might now not burst off too quickly—nuts, cheese, rice, macaroni, soy beans, lentils, wheat germ, granola, margarine, eggs, dates, figs, raisins, apricots, prunes; and Shaughnessy had left a field of glass jars within which bean sprouts have been turning out to be even now…and he might set out the trolling line that night on. He may well seize a pleasant fats dorado in those waters. The nutrition photographs pale then, as Conan slept, and their position used to be taken through things—boat’s equipment. strains, spare sheets, cord cables, blocks, tackles, vang equipment, preventers, pumps, buckets, bailers, stitching and sail fix kit—it fell open in Conan’s “dream,” out tumbled thread, cord, marlin, needles, mess around, spike, palm, tape, patches, beeswax, sail slides, hanks, sail shackles, leather-based, cotton, everywhere in the cockpit good. Then tape, copper cord, flashlight batteries, circuit tester, soldering iron, solder, radio spares—a entire compartment jam-packed with valves and transistors. Then the plumbing package appeared—hoses to slot all through-hull fittings, hose clamps, spare elements for all pumps, siphon hose, gaskets, nipples, packing, grease, diaphragms, flap valves, and tapered wood plugs…now the goods as they undergone his brain have been not in kits, yet higgledy-piggledy scattered throughout the cabin—caulking cotton, bedding paste, seam compound, foam rubber, plywood sheets, universal putty, cup grease, smooth steel sheets, plastic metal, self-curing urethane putty, Fiberglas tape and resin, spare canvas, spare Dacron, epoxy adhesive, alternator, beginning motor, gas filters, solenoids, gas pump, injector feed strains, gauges, spanners, beginning handles, lube oil, spare range burners, range prickers, patches for the existence raft, adhesive for the patches…bits and items for the self-steering gear…screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, hammers, wooden saws, hacksaw, blades, twine cutters, angel hair, bolt cutter, wrecking bar, hatchet, brace and bits, tin snips, chisels, documents, airplane, clamps, vise, crimping device, monkey wrench, stillson, finish wrenches, socket wrenches, chain wrench, water pipe connections…Conan woke with a begin. He regarded round via half-closed eyes, then became over and went to sleep back to work out all of the remainder of the issues on board, simply as he had checked them over with Houghton throughout the prior 3 days, and as he dropped away into the sailor’s twilight, he knew that outdoor the wind was once losing and the ocean had stopped emerging, and that it should quickly be time to alter the headsails back.

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